Disabilities Described – Developmental Delay (Ages 3-5 yr. old)

Developmental Delay  (Ages 3-5 yr. old)


Children ages 3 to 5 years old not in school,  who have significant developmental delay in one or more of the following areas gross or fine motor skills, cognitive, language, social emotional or self help skills may have a developmental disorder.  Referrals must be made by parent or guardian.  An education evaluation will include assessment of the developmental areas, social and developmental history, available medical information, vision and hearing screen, observations and any other assessments necessary to determine eligibility or services.  The evaluation will determine if the student is eligible for services through public school.   Programming will include remediation in the areas of significant delays such as motor skills, conceptual development, speech and language skills, social development and self help skills.    Services may be provided directly through small group therapy, self contained preschool or integrated community preschool.