Improved Communication Initiative



4/11/2019 Additional Supports & Resources; AAC – Augmentative & Alternative Communication, ASD – Autism, Nursing, OT/PT Occupational & Physical Therapy, Transition, Transportation
2/19/2019 Classrooms, Programs, Supports & Resources including; Preschool Program, Structured Behavior Classrooms, Alternative Programs, Essential Skills Classrooms, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Program, Blind or Low Vision Program
1/17/2019 Educational Evaluations and Case Conference Committee Meetings
11/14/2018 Meet and Greet Session with GLASS Administrators and Local Special Education Directors
5/3/2018 Community Resources & Financial Information
2/21/2018 “G.L.A.S.S.” funded programs
11/15/2017 Teamwork: Preparing for Case Conferences
9/27/2017 Understanding the Structure of the Greater Lafayette Area Special Services

This communication initiative is sponsored by the Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (G.L.A.S.S.) in collaboration with the Lafayette School Corporation, Tippecanoe School Corporation, and West Lafayette Community School Corporation.