Request for Initial Evaluation

Request for Initial Evaluation

Referral Process

If you have a concern with your child’s academics or behavior in school, please contact the teacher, counselor, or principal at your child’s school.  The school has a process in place and will notify the School Psychologist and/or Speech-Language Pathologist.

Initial Evaluation

Once parent permission is received, the evaluation team has 50 instructional days to complete all necessary testing.  Areas assessed may include:  academic achievement, cognition, speech and language, overall development, health, and if necessary; gross motor and fine motor skills.

Case Conference

Once the evaluation is completed, a case conference will be held.  At this time, the results of all testing completed during the evaluation will be discussed.  It is the Case Conference Committee’s responsibility to determine eligibility.  If  your child is eligible for special education services,  an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed.